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Ultimate Pampering Experience including thermal rooms Alexandra House Spa

So, when I first stepped foot into this holistic ‘Spa with a Heart’, just for a meeting with Maxine (owner) several months ago, I was instantly drawn. Following my business meeting I knew I wanted the full experience, as a client, to immerse myself fully in the tranquillity of this calming retreat. And so, happy in the knowledge that my kiddies had a fun day ahead of them planned in, I chose a me-time day to spend at the Alexandra House Spa.

I received a personal greeting and felt special immediately. Shoes kicked off with robe and slippers donned, I was taken into my first relaxation room where I enjoyed a relaxing foot soak whilst sipping on my freshly prepared smoothie. Gentle background music, calming aromas and the gentle lull of other guests moving respectfully around the property, it’s no wonder that it didn’t take long for my mind and body to start slipping into de-stress mode.

All at a leisurely pace, my next stop were the thermal rooms, located downstairs in two beautifully vaulted cellars. The Tepidarium with a Himalayan salt brick wall and the Laconium with heated loungers warming my body and soul from the inside out. I suddenly didn’t feel guilty for spending time to focus on my well-being. I could physically feel my stresses draining out of my body.

Up there on the list of my favourite places and things to do –  be it in the mountains or by the streams in Slovakia, running in the woods near my village, sharing food and drinks with my family and friends, the tranquillity offered at Alexandra House is certainly up there!

Following this warming indulgence, I experienced a luxurious back massage and aromatherapy facial, sending every fibre of my body into super-relaxed orbit – every sense being triggered and every ounce of me feeling calmed. I was in the pure pamper zone, no doubt about that! And then I almost burst as I was waited on hand and foot in another relaxation room, where I was served lunch and refreshments, with my water glass being replenished regularly. This is what it feels like to be one of my children! So, I made myself super comfortable on the loungers, surrounded by appropriate literature should I wish to leaf through, gentle music playing and calming aromas enveloping me, inner peace was truly washing over me.

My final treatment was my paraffin wax hand treatment, which was the most curious of all treatments I experienced today but even 5 hours later my hands are super soft. Nowhere else could I be persuaded to immerse my hands into hot wax – but today was a first and I’m glad I did!


Laconium Ema Broadhurst
Business Owner – Uniquely Local





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