‘Peaceful Discoveries’ – Mindfulness Meditation Album for Children and Adults


A wonderful gift for an adult to share with a child aged between 5 and 15. This is a meditation experience to enjoy at home and introduce concepts of mindfulness to help you and your child feel calm and relaxed.  This wonderful album of meditations is a much needed antidote to the current times.

The stories in this album have been individually crafted with bespoke music, enchanting settings and topics of mental and emotional health, such as: compassion, confidence, dealing with worries and more.

The guided meditations are designed to help children:

  • Relax before sleep
  • Learn breathing techniques for calming and concentration
  • Manage difficult thoughts and emotions
  • Develop imagination and storytelling
  • Nurture kindness, love and compassion
  • Strengthen relationships with family members.


During the short meditations the children will have an opportunity to relax and learn to be mindful of their body and their feelings. If used regularly, these practices can help regulate children’s feelings, develop concentration and promote a positive mindset. Each meditation has bespoke music written by musician Iryna Shchadei which adds a magical touch to the experience. These 5 guided meditations are designed for children, aged 5-15.

The album is a well-considered and tested experience with elements of mindfulness, story and art therapy. The album comes with resources: ‘Parent’s guide’ and ‘Calm challenges’.

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In a nutshell

What is it?
A collection of 5 guided meditations for children that will help them relax, ease off their worries and feel calm. The album comes with resources for parents and 'calm challenges' for kids. Enjoy this experience wherever you can find a quiet space to relax and listen in peace.

How long will it take?
The guided meditations are between 12 and 17 minutes long.

What you need to know
The meditations are digital files which can be listened to on any device which can play digital files.

How much will it cost?
The album of five meditations is available for £18.

Delivery details
You will receive a gift voucher with details of how to redeem your gift with Lena at the Mindful Steps who will then send you a link to the guided meditations which can be downloaded and played at your leisure.

‘Peaceful Discoveries’ – Mindfulness Meditation Album for Children and Parents

‘Peaceful Discoveries’ – Mindfulness Meditation Album for Children and Parents has been created by Lena of The Mindful Steps.

Scientific research over the last two decades in the field of contemplative neuroscience and educational psychology has shown how mindfulness can positively impact on emotional well-being, mental health, ability to learn and even physical health of students. So, I decided to dedicate myself to bringing this wonderful tool, called ‘mindfulness’ to children to help them discover themselves and develop their ‘healthy minds’.

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