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Sometimes life just passes us by…

As Valentine’s day slowly fades from view, Mother’s Day is peaking over the horizon – but it comes around jolly fast! Although I’m sure most mums out there would agree that we could all do with a few more “mum days” in the year!

If your life is anything like mine, sometimes it just rattles past at an alarming rate. From the moment the alarm goes off in the morning, between looking after the kids, juggling different jobs and competing priorities, managing a household… life can sometimes feel like its blurring into one long day to the next… week to week … month to month. We barely have enough time to think about what’s happening from one minute to the next – never mind finding time enough for ourselves and then being able to enjoy it!

The irony of this is that here at Uniquely Local, we strive hard to source and create the gift of an enjoyable experience and in this, the primary ingredient is “time” itself. This is one of the reasons we started all this in the first place, because we believe that by giving someone the gift of an experience, the recipient takes the time to enjoy something new; to indulge in an interest or passion; to have some fun and do something exciting or simply just share their time with the important people in their life; and hopefully create some happy and lasting memories along the way too!

As a busy mum of two, I’m guilty of not taking enough time out for myself.  I give almost all that I have to my children. The thought of taking time away from them seems almost – selfish! Whatever is left I share amongst family and friends and I think all mums are guilty of feeling this to some degree – it’s part and parcel of being a mum. But I do recognise that “me-time” is important too… we all need it and we shouldn’t be afraid to acknowledge this and indulge ourselves – at least every now and then.

So, this year, in celebration of all the busy mums out there for whom life can sometimes feel like a bit of a whirlwind … for one day at least, lets help them out and take a bit back on their behalf and give them a little gift of “Me-time”


Gift ideas for treating Mum this Mother’s day

Just like Christmas(!)… Mother’s Day will be here before you know it… so here’s a few ideas to help your busy mum step off the hamster wheel of life and give them a little break from the daily churn and allow them to focus on themselves and relax, recharge a little or just reconnect with the things that are most important in life.

Infrared sauna and floatation tank session Give Mum’s senses a chance to do their thing in a Floatation tank with a 90 minute Infrared Sauna and Floatation Tank Session at £39 per person.

Let Mum relax and enjoy a delicious Afternoon Tea at the Spirit of Yorkshire Whiskey Distillery for £18 per person – you could offer to drive Mum there (bonus points!) and take a tour of the whiskey distillery yourself while you let Mum kick back, read a book perhaps and tuck into tasty sandwiches and cakes.

Pottery Throwing Experience for One or TwoPerhaps your Mum’s happy place is in the creative department – so treat her to a Pottery Making workshop in Leeds for £40 per person.

A warm, calming place could be the thing for Mum? So the thermal rooms at Alexandra House Spa could be just the ticket. Treat her to a Ultimate Pampering Experience including Thermal Rooms for £123.

How about introducing Mum to the marvelous world of millinery with Amanda Field on a one day introduction  to couture Millinery for £185 where Mum will get to create a bespoke fascinator or headpiece. This is a luxury experience in wonderful surroundings.

A spa experience with a difference could be just the thing – outdoor hot tub time with fizz, a delicious three course meal and four luxury treatments are all available at My Little Farm Spa. All for £199. A true haven for Mum!

However you treat Mum this year, do it with unique love xx

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