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In appreciation of Mums

Mother’s Day – an annual event, where we set aside a whole day to celebrate the fabulous females who have raised us. My own mother is an inspirational woman, who raised four children here in the UK, despite being 1000 miles away from her home country and family. She mostly did so single handed as my father worked away with the merchant navy for months at a time.

From the hot chocolates and fresh fruit slices first thing in the morning at the breakfast table, seven days a week, to the side-line support on the netball court or endless gymnastics competitions, my mum never grumbled or complained. She simply continued to encourage us all, nurture our ambition, feed us amazing meals, take us to Slovakia annually for the 6 week summer holidays and only ever seemed to sit down on a Saturday night to share peanuts and lemonade with us in front of the TV. It was only when mum was satisfied that her four children were on their own two feet, did she undertake a part time ten year Open University degree and became a Counselling Psychologist.

And so, as a mum of two (a four and six year old), I draw on my own childhood happiness and try to replicate it, with my own personal touch. From honey milks in bed with shared stories most mornings, to concocting weird and wonderful pack ups to take on our adventures. Don’t get me wrong, not far and wide adventures…simple hikes across the back field from our family home, equipped with binoculars and a notepad -this is what constitutes a fun-packed outing in our household. The all-important ‘putting away my laptop and mobile phone’ whilst my children perform imaginative ‘shows’, to letting them wake you up gently as they bundle into your bed and count your toes, then proceed to share their dreams with you – it’s the simple things in life that help create those bonds and memories. Little experiences together help build the beautiful bigger picture of motherhood.

Showing them true appreciation for the pictures and gifts that they lavish upon me, which they have poured their love into making, I want my children to know that celebrating them in small ways in everyday life is important to me.

And when we become insecure and ask ourselves the dreaded question – ‘Am I doing enough for my little people?’ then consider the small gestures that you perform daily, with love, and know that these personal, close moments with them will shape them and help them be the best person they can be.

So, we can and absolutely should consider the inspirational figureheads that are loved and celebrated for their own reasons. The strong, independent women who were highlighted on International Women’s Day for example (8th March this year), women that have followed their dreams, or persevered in their chosen field. Amelia Earheart and her solo flight across the Atlantic; Valentina Tereshkova and her determination to fly in space; the terrific role models we have in female athletes, politicians, business women, writers, actors and humanitarians. Each of them deserving to be revered in their own right.

But truth be known, personally I have come to realise that I don’t need to go further than 10 minutes down the road to my mum’s house to seek inspiration, receive endless love, have delicious meals cooked for me with fruit infused gin and tonics accompanying each course. So, who do I aspire to be like? Simple – my mum. And as mums, we can but do our best to pass on the love. If I can have a fraction of the impact my mum has had on me, on my own children then that will make a very Happy Mother’s Day for me. And I will know that ‘I am doing my best as a Mum.’

Ema Broadhurst
Business Owner – Uniquely Local


“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” Mother Teresa 



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