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When we were invited to trial Can You Escape? York – a live escape room game experience, by James we were thrilled. We had no idea what to expect, but knew we would have to engage all our brain power, given that we were to be a team of two.

On arrival, we were tasked with giving ourselves a team name and agent names, and so Team Uniquely Local comprised of Agent Nikita and Agent Zlaty Bazant. Following our mission briefing, we were led into the clue-filled room, full of mystery and suspense, and the countdown began.

Agents Nikita and Zlaty Bazant worked in varying ways – methodical and systematic at first, followed by confusion coupled with some lightbulb moments; then the panic set in as the 60 minute countdown timer was down to single digits. However, slowly but surely, Team Uniquely Local pieced it all together and managed to complete the challenge and escape with just under 3 minutes to spare! Both Agents, Nikita and Zlaty Bazant, left feeling exhilarated, proud and mentally drained. But what a buzz! We loved it!

Do you fancy taking the challenge and seeing if you can beat Team Uniquely Local? Then visit our Can you escape? live escape room game experience for further details and to book.

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