Meet Our Suppliers… Natasha Green from The Soap Loaf Company

Meet Our Suppliers… Natasha Green from The Soap Loaf Company

We thought it might be interesting over the coming weeks, while we’re unable to go on experiences, to learn a little bit about the fabulous people we work with and the stories behind their businesses.

Meet – Natasha Green

Natasha runs the amazing Soap Loaf Company who run a whole range of cosmetics making workshops under the trademark Cosmeti-Craft®. The workshops take place at a selection of fabulous venues across Yorkshire and can include afternoon teas, gin tasting, Italian food and more!

What’s the story behind the Soap Loaf Company? 

I developed a keen interest in soap making around 10 years ago and wanted to do more with my artistic and creative side after 11 years as a finance broker. I wanted to learn more about it and simply set up a little business called The Soap Loaf Company in 2012 to be a soap maker and reseller of soap and bath bombs.

I then thought about making soap with children’s groups as an activity and ran a small holiday club locally. The business was always intended to be a small hobby type business, however in 2016 I decided to step out of the finance world completely and look for a premises as after the success of the holiday club soap making activities I was getting asked a lot about how we could run more and where our workshop was. The idea seemed to be getting a lot of attention around it and I was curious to see how far I could take it. During the first year our children’s soap making parties were taking off and we then added bath bomb making to this by listening to what our customers wanted.

The business was developing nicely and then in the spring of 2018 I wanted to attract the adult customer audience. This is when I obtained the trademark Cosmeti-Craft®️ and released specialist cosmetic making workshops and parties for adults. The popularity caused to us grow very quickly and we are now running in 13 different locations throughout Yorkshire. We also travel all over the country running events and parties along with charity support work, plus working with special needs groups, schools, universities and many others.

We are very proud to now be partnered with large respectable brands that generate further growth for us. I have big plans for the business during the next 18 months and look forward to building things further. 

Who should buy an experience with the Soap Loaf Company?

If you are looking to have fun learning a new skill, take some time to care for yourself and wellbeing, or share a unique crafting experience with friends and loved ones then The Soap Loaf Company’s Cosmeti-Craft®️ Experiences are the ones for you!

What’s the best thing about your job?

I absolutely love seeing what our crafters create! I’m sure many of our crafting customers would agree on how interested and excited I am to see their finished product! I love giving people the tools to create something amazing that they can get so much benefit from! 

You’re based in Sheffield, what do you love about the city?

I love the diversity of Sheffield, from it’s landscape to its residents, it’s certainly not boring and there’s always something to enjoy here.

Can you share your 3 favourite places in Sheffield with us?

1) has to be my home and shop. Technically 2 places (around a mile apart) but my home is my haven with my family, I love sitting in my garden and my shop is literally my second home! I feel equally happy in both. 

2) Millennium Square in sheffield city centre because to me it’s the perfect blend of Sheffield’s historical landscape and the modern glam of chic restaurants and wine bars.

3) Whinfell Quarry Gardens is another place I absolutely adore! My youngest daughter and I call it the secret garden, it’s right on our doorstep and a great place to walk to. It’s fun to explore and relax in the peaceful surroundings here. 

Are you Yorkshire born and bred?

I certainly sound like it these days from living with a Yorkshireman for 19 years! I’m originally from Pontypridd in South Wales and was born an Evans. My parents (both from Cardiff) and I moved here for my dads job when I was a kid, but we frequently returned to South Wales to visit family. I go and visit everyone as much as I can. 

Who inspires you in business and in life?

In Business I’ve always looked up to Mary Portas. I find her very logical, practical, realistic and down to earth. A very strong and capable businesswoman who empowers women in business everywhere!

In life it has always been my dad, his advice always served me well in life and even after his recent passing, his guidance will always stay with me.

The Soap Loaf Company have launched a range of fabulous experiences to do at home with full instructions and all the materials you will need to make scentsational Cosmeti-Craft® products at home.

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