A Taste of Yorkshire: Unforgettable Cheese Tasting Gifts for Foodies

When you think of traditional British cheeses Yorkshire has produced it’s fair share of popular variations. From the creamy mildness of traditional Wensleydale to the sharp tang of  the multi award-winning Yorkshire Blue from the Shepherd’s Purse in Thirsk, the region offers a diverse selection of cheeses, each bursting with unique flavours and character.

In this blog, we’ll unveil the wonders of Yorkshire cheese tasting gifts, exploring unique tasting experiences and highlighting the top cheese gifts to delight the foodie in your life.

The Best Yorkshire Cheese Experiences You Need to Try Now!

Cheese Tasting at George and Joseph Cheesemongers in Leeds

In-Person Cheese Tasting at an Artisan Cheese Shop In Leeds

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of artisan cheeses through an engaging, in-person tasting journey at George and Joseph in Leeds. Established in 2012 by Stephen Fleming, a passionate cheese connoisseur, George and Joseph is a multi-award-winning cheesemonger.

Their immersive tasting experience invites you to explore the rich tapestry of flavours and textures that define the world of artisan cheese. This experience goes beyond mere gustatory indulgence; it is an educational voyage that illuminates the craftsmanship and dedication required to produce each wheel and wedge. From the velvety softness of a fresh, young cheese to the robust, complex character of an aged cheddar, each tasting promises a captivating revelation. To further elevate the experience, an array of carefully curated accompaniments will be presented alongside the cheeses, including local chutneys, crackers, and wines, meticulously chosen to harmonise with the unique profiles of each offering. This session aims to leave you with a profound appreciation for the artistry of cheesemaking and the remarkable spectrum of flavours it produces.


Cheese Making Experience in the Yorkshire Dales

Dive into the heart of Yorkshire’s cheese-making tradition with a Cheese Making Experience that promises a blend of education, fun, and gastronomy. Situated in the breathtaking Yorkshire Dales, this day-long adventure offers a unique opportunity to delve into the intricacies of crafting cheese, from the initial curdling to the final tasting. Under the expert guidance of Simon, a seasoned cheese maker with a passion for sharing his knowledge, participants are encouraged to roll up their sleeves and engage in every step of the cheese-making process. The experience is designed to be both informative and informal, ensuring a comfortable environment where you’re free to ask questions, experiment, and truly immerse yourself in the craft.

The day is structured around key cheese-making activities including the delicate art of waxing cheese, which protects it during the ageing process, and cheese grading, a skill that helps identify the quality and characteristics of cheese. These hands-on activities not only provide a deeper understanding of the cheese-making process but also instil a sense of achievement as you watch your cheese develop from a liquid state to a solid, edible form.

Perhaps the most anticipated part of the experience is the cheese tasting segment. After a day of learning and creating, you’ll have the chance to sample the fruits of your labour.

Participants leave the experience not just with newfound knowledge and practical skills, but with their own handmade cheese samples. These tangible takeaways serve as a delicious reminder of the day’s adventure and a testament to the art of cheese making in Yorkshire. Whether you’re aiming to impress family and friends or simply looking to enrich your culinary skills, this Cheese Making Experience is an enriching foray into the world of artisan cheese.

Online Cheese Tasting with Andy Swinscoe from The Courtyard Dairy

For those who can’t journey to Yorkshire or prefer the comfort of their own home, the online cheese tasting experience offers a splendid alternative. Embracing Zoom and other online meeting apps, these sessions are designed as educational but fun sessions.

Expert cheesemonger, Andy Swinscoe (owner of one the seven best UK cheese shops according to the Times) , will guide you through a virtual tour of some of the finest cheeses, each with its own unique story and flavour. It’s like having a cheese expert whisper “fun facts” to you while you munch on deliciousness delivered right to your door before the session.

These online tastings are interactive, so feel free to ask questions and chat with other cheese lovers during the session. It’s a great way to meet new people who share your passion for cheese, even if they’re miles away.

The beauty of online tastings is that anyone can join in, no matter where you live. It’s perfect for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or just adding a touch of fancy to your regular Tuesday night. Plus, you’re supporting local cheesemakers and helping keep Yorkshire’s cheese-making heritage alive.

So, whether you’re a cheese pro or just starting your cheesy journey, an online tasting is a delightful and enriching experience, all from the comfort of your lounge.

6 Month Cheese Box Subscription

Cheese Subscription Boxes

Imagine the delight of receiving a handpicked selection of premium cheeses, from the creamy and subtle to the bold and aged, delivered directly to your doorstep. The anticipation of discovering new favourites and revisiting cherished classics adds an element of excitement to the cheese-tasting experience. Accompanying these selections you’ll also find accompaniments such as handcrafted chutneys and artisanal crackers to elevate the experience.

A cheese subscription box is not merely a means to enjoy delicious cheeses; it’s an educational journey that connects you with the stories of local producers and the landscapes that give rise to such diversity in flavour and texture. It offers a tangible link to a rich cheese-making tradition, inviting you to partake in a legacy that stretches back centuries.

Perfect for personal indulgence or as a thoughtful gift for a fellow cheese enthusiast, these subscription boxes are a delicious gift for any foodie.

12 Month Cheese Box Subscription

Cheese Hamper

For those in search of the ultimate cheese-themed gift, a cheese hamper stands out as the perfect choice. Filled with a carefully chosen assortment of the finest cheeses, these hampers cater to all tastes and occasions. Beyond the exceptional selection of cheeses, from soft and creamy to rich and mature, the hampers also come with an array of perfectly paired accompaniments.

A cheese hamper as a present conveys thoughtfulness and a discerning taste and supports local artisans and cheese producers, making it an ideal choice for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or even as a corporate gift.

How frequently are the cheese subscription boxes delivered?  Choose from 3 month, 6 month and 12 month options.