Buy Women Built

Buy Women Built LogoWe are absolutely delighted to be part Buy Women Built, an exciting new movement to showcase female founded businesses and to encourage consumers to buy from businesses that have been founded or co-founded by women. You can find Uniquely Local Experiences along with hundreds of other fantastic female founded businesses in the BWB online directory.

If you run a female founded business and want to be part of an amazing community of female founders who raise each other up and support each other on this crazy journey, then I urge you to submit your brand. I’ve never met such an open and honest group of women who share their stories, contacts and advice so freely and openly.

Brands of any size can apply and you’ll find some well-known names alongside businesses just starting out. Everyone has something to offer because we’re all facing similar challenges. If one person’s advice can save another business from making the same mistakes then that’s a hugely positive thing.

Why Buy Women Built?

  • We don’t have enough women starting businesses in the UK – we are 30% behind USA, Canada and The Netherlands.  If we reached the same levels as these countries that would add £200bn to the economy (Rose Review)
  • Only 1 in 3 UK entrepreneurs is female (Rose Review)
  • A staggering 80% of 11-18 years olds are unable to name a single female entrepreneur (Santander)
  • Children are four times more likely to think of a man than a woman when they hear ‘entrepreneur’ (Santander)
  • Only 39% of women are confident in their ability to start a business as opposed to 56% of men (Rose Review)
  • If women start businesses at the same rate as men, £250 billion will be added to the UK economy (Rose Review)

It’s an incredibly simple idea. Not everyone can invest in or mentor female founders but everyone can buy from them. Look out for the BWB kitemark and buy from female founded businesses – it’s as easy as that!

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BWB on Uniquely Local Experiences

Did you know that nearly half of the experiences featured on our site are from businesses that were fully founded or co-founded by women, that’s 156 of our (currently) 319 experiences. Quite a staggering figure – go Yorkshire girls! You can shop our female founded gift experiences here.