Ayurvedic Yoga Massage in Leeds – a review

My 90 Minute Ayurvedic Yoga Massage in Leeds

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage in Leeds - a review

Last week I was lucky enough to spend an hour and a half in the very soft hands of professional Ayurvedic Massage Therapist Sarah-Jayne at her home studio and experienced what has got to be the most relaxing and realigning massage I’ve ever had.

I’d never heard of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage before going and did a little reading about it to prepare myself. The massage has aspects associated with more traditional massage methods in that oil is used to warm up and soften tissue and muscles. However, the massage is usually delivered on a futon on the floor to allow the therapist to perform the yoga stretches and apply the right amount of pressure.

Another new experience for me was the exfoliating element where a powder from the ground root of Acorus calamus, a wetland plant in the sweetflag family, is added to natural oils. This is used in the massage to create a pleasant exfoliating feeling, but mainly helps improve circulation and warm up the tissues, intensifying the benefits of the massage. The combination of the gentle exfoliation with massage techniques was AMAZING! It felt so relaxing and warming. Had I not needed to change positions in order that Sarah-Jayne could work on different parts of me I would have drifted off into a deep sleep for sure.

The massage is supported by gentle mobilisations, tractions and assisted (passive) yoga stretches which all felt just right. It was as if Sarah-Jayne knew exactly what each limb needed – gentle pulling or pushing to reset everything. It felt like the nicest bits of any gentle yoga class which leave you feeling renewed and your body strengthened.

I spent the rest of the day in a euphoric haze and was incredbly tired later on in the evening which resulted in the deepest, most satisfying sleep I’ve had for a long while.

I can’t recommend this massage enough. It should be prescribed, once a month, on the NHS!

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