Digging Deeper into Forensics – A CSI Experience Review

Have you ever fancied yourself as a crime scene detective? Holly from Uniquely Local went along to brush up on her CSI skills and test out our Digging Deeper into Forensics experience, here’s what she thought.

CSI Experience

Digging deeper into forensics takes place at Think Forensic, based in Huddersfield. Set in the picturesque village of Skelmanthorpe, our experience was to take place in a beautiful old barn.

The experience started with a full police briefing: the victims, the timeline of events and locations of the bodies. From the off we felt like we were part of an elite team of detectives, ready to throw around our theories and solve the crime.

After our police briefing we were taken to review the ‘crime scene’ to see what clues we could find to help support some of our theories. Armed with a new set of evidence the team then broke off into smaller groups to begin a series of tests and clever experiments to gather our evidence and crack the case.

We learnt about blood spatter patterns, how to assess a maggot life cycle, how to identify a persons ethnicity through hair follicles and more!

This experience is hosted by real experts including CSI’s, forensic scientists, crash investigators, senior investigating officers and major crime detectives who are waiting to put you through your paces. The team are were so knowledgeable and clearly had a passion for sharing their skills and stories.

This was such an interesting experience and I really felt I was on an episode of Silent Witness!

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