Guest Blog: Gelato Making Experience

Holly from Uniquely Local took her kids to check out the new GELATO MAKING EXPERIENCE up in the beautiful Reeth, North Yorkshire – perfect timing for #NationalIceCreamDay
Here’s what they thought of the experience 🍨⁠

“Who wants to go and make some ice cream today?”⁠
Stupid question for a 7 and 11 year old  – “We do!!”⁠

It can sometimes be hard to find activities that can please all your children, but gelato making was a sure fire winner for both the big kids. We took a drive up to the beautiful town of Reeth in Upper Swaledale to meet Simon from The Udder One.

The kids donned their gelato making uniforms, complete with bright chefs hats and aprons then Simon walked them through the gelato making process.

The kids then began weighing all the different ingredients required to make the gelato base before deciding which flavour ice cream they were going to produce – vanilla and mint choc chip. Simon explained as they went, why each ingredient was needed to make the most delicious gelato. Everything was then whisked up in food mixers then poured into the gelato freezing machine!


Whilst the gelato was being frozen Simon provided activities for the kids including decorating paper chefs hats, taking part in an ice cream quiz, completing activity sheets and were even treated to a milkshake using the same locally sourced milk that was going into their bespoke gelato creations! Once the ice cream had frozen the kids got to scrape it into their ice cream tubs, straight from the gelato machine, then customise it with their choice of sauces and toppings from Simons huge selection of treats.

We went home with 2 big, generous tubs of gelato for us to enjoy at home. This was a massive hit and we can’t wait to go back and try our hand at some new flavours!

Check out the gelato ice cream making experience!