Uniquely Local Review – Indoor Axe Throwing at The Hilt in York

Holly and Rachel from Uniquely Local were invited to spend the afternoon at The Hilt in York to sample their indoor axe throwing experience. Mustering their best inner Viqueens they met at the Goodramgate venue for what turned out to be an incredibly fun few hours.

The Hilt Venue on Goodramgate York


Neither Holly or myself had been axe throwing previously and I did warn Holly that coordination is not one of my best skills. Holly is a netballer so I assumed that she did have at least some experience of broadly throwing things in the right direction.

George our Viking Coach at The Hilt

Our dedicated Viking coach, George, took us through a comprehensive safety briefing and gave us a quick but thorough training session before we commenced battle with our group.

My fears of inadvertently chopping my ear off were allayed by George who assured me I’d be fine if I just relaxed! Turns out he was right and within a couple of practice throws I’d managed to get the axe in the target.  I didn’t realise just how pleased this would make me and I was positively grinning from ear to ear.

Once we’d all managed to hit the target George started the point scoring rounds and the competition was on. George helped everyone throughout to ensure that we all got the most out of the session, pointing out the best position to throw from and even providing one guy with an alternative axe when he wasn’t getting on with the one we’d all been using.

George mixed the group up throughout the competition so we all got to throw with our friends and with other members of the group. There was a real camaraderie by the end of the session which helped everyone enormously when it came to letting out the final battle cry.

Viqueens - Holly and Rachel

Both Holly and I had a fantastic afternoon, we thoroughly enjoyed the session and the thrill of chucking an axe at a target and it landing. We both even managed a bullseye or two!


Hot Dog Hatch Food at The Hilt in York

Following our throwing session manager, Rich, met us to show us what they have been working on at the Hilt and to explain their plans for the future. It’s a really impressive venue, centrally located on Goodramgate, and the perfect place to while away an afternoon. In addition to the axe throwing bays out the back of the venue there’s also a spacious bar area with fleece covered benches and long tables for perfect for dissecting everyone’s axe throwing performance, playing board games (available to borrow from the venue) and enjoying some tasty street food courtesy of the Hot Dog Hatch which serves up tasty homemade hotdogs with a variety of toppings. A fully licensed bar is available AFTER your axe throwing (for obvious reasons!!!).


This activity will appeal to a whole range of people. Holly and I agreed that we’d both like to take our other halves for a competitive axe throwing date night, my teenage son and his mates would absolutely love the axe throwing experience, a corporate group could work out any team tension on an away day… I challenge anyone to not love this! Five stars from Uniquely Local.