Brilliant Bee Experience in Yorkshire – A Sustainable Father’s Day Gift Experience

bee keeping experience - more bees please


Father’s Day Beekeeping Experience

Father’s Day is a special day for dads all over the world. It’s an opportunity to show your appreciation for the vital role they play in our lives.

Finding the perfect Father’s Day gift can be a challenge. If you’re looking for something unique and memorable, then why not give your dad an experience he won’t forget?

This Father’s Day, consider giving him a one-of-a-kind gift experience in Yorkshire!

Gift experiences are a great alternative to material presents. They create lasting memories of quality time spent together and are truly meaningful gifts.

If you’re looking for something unforgettable to celebrate your father or father figure this Father’s Day, we’ve got an excellent selection of Father’s Day gift experiences in Yorkshire he’ll love.

Beekeeping experience at More Bees Please

One gift your dad is guaranteed to remember is the unique Yorkshire Beekeeping Experience from More Bees Please. It’s a sustainable way to show how much you care about your dad this Father’s Day!

Here’s a look at what is included in the experience and why it is a gift your dad will treasure.

Did you know you can try beekeeping in Yorkshire?

We know that bees are an important part of our ecosystem. But do you know what goes in to protecting these vital creatures and how to harvest the honey they produce?

The Bees at More Bees Please

Beekeeping is an enjoyable activity that can be both educational and rewarding. It involves caring for honey bees and their hives, harvesting honey, monitoring hive health, and much more. It’s not just the bees who are working hard to produce delicious local honey!

This Yorkshire Beekeeping Experience is a fascinating opportunity to look at all the work that beekeepers do to look after their colonies and collect their honey. For those who are new to beekeeping, this experience will give you an overview of what makes this hobby so special.

So, if you’re ready to learn more about one of the most fascinating activities around and why it makes the perfect gift this Father’s Day – read on!

Beekeeping with More Bees Please

More Bees Please is family-run business offering beekeeping experiences in Yorkshire that are perfect for those who have never tried their hand at the craft before.

The honey at More Bees Please

They are a Sheffield-based company passionate about sharing their love for bees by educating people on their many benefits to our ecosystem. Their goal is to educate everyone how to set up and care for their own colonies and increase the bee population.

This passion and drive makes More Bees Please the ideal place to learn more about the fascinating hobby of beekeeping!

From understanding the basics of beekeeping to sampling some of the delicious honey they produce, More Bees Please offers a special experience for everyone!

So, if you’re ready to give your dad an unforgettable gift this year – why not consider gifting him with an experience he won’t forget?

Where is the bee experience?

More Bees Please Yorkshire Beekeeping gift experience takes place near Sheffield in South Yorkshire.

The venue is just a short distance from the M1, making it extremely easy to access by car. Alternatively, it is just a 15 minute walk from Meadowhall train station, so it has fantastic public transport access too.

What’s included in the beekeeping experience?

If you are keen to give your dad a taster of what beekeeping involves, a half-day session is the perfect opportunity to learn more and get hands on with the hives.

Smoking the bees on the bee experience

Alternatively, if your dad is a nature enthusiast and keen to dive deeper into the world of beekeeping, you can treat him to a full day session.

This provides even more time to get hands on with the hives and ask questions. It’s ideal if he is considering starting a colony of his own!

Here’s a more detailed look at the itinerary of the Yorkshire bee experience.

Getting Suited and Booted

All the specialist equipment for the beekeeping session is provided by More Bees Please.

The experience starts with everyone getting suited and booted in a high-quality bee suit.

Everyone in their bee suits on the bee experience

You’ll learn how to properly close up the suit which is then checked by your guide to ensure your safety.

This is a brilliant opportunity to grab a selfie in your bee suit as you wait for everyone to get appropriately dressed!

An Introduction to Bees and Beekeeping

The Beekeeping Experience then kicks off with a comprehensive introduction to bees and beekeeping.

You will spend the first thirty minutes gaining an understanding of how the bees live, how they operate in the hives and their distinct roles within the colony.

Handling the bees on the bee experience

You will also learn how to identify the several types of bees and what is within the different cells in the hive. Plus, get an introduction into how the bees work, travel, and produce honey.

You will be guided through an information booklet during this part of the session, which you can also take away with you if you want to reference it later.

Time to Meet the Bees

Once you have completed your introduction, it’s time to open the hives!

You’ll be guided through the initial look at the hive and have an introduction to managing them.

This is your first look at the worker bees, drones and queen in real life and you can practice identifying the various kinds of bees, so you feel confident you know what you are looking for.

Hives and honey combs at more bees please

The demonstration will show you how to handle the bees, extract the frames and check the hive.

You’ll learn how to check the colony to ensure they are thriving in their home, while identifying the honey and brood which you learned about in the introduction.

Hands On Experience

Now, it’s your opportunity to work hands on with the bees. You’ll work together in a small group to open and check a hive.

This is your chance to put your newly developed skills to use by handling the frames and identifying the different bees and features of the hive.

Hives at more bees please

You will have plenty of time throughout the session to practice identifying the bees and checking the hives. It is a fantastic opportunity to bring together everything you have learned throughout the experience and grow your confidence.

Even if you started the day knowing nothing about bees, you’ll leave feeling confident in your ability to work your way around a hive safely. It’s incredible how much knowledge you pick up during this hands-on time!

Honey and Produce Sampling

The half-day session wraps up around lunch time and you have an opportunity to sample the rewards of the bees’ hard work!

More Bees Please produce a selection of natural honey, some of which is infused with other flavours. Now is your opportunity to sample the different options on offer, and purchase some to take away with you if you wish.

More Bees Please honey

There is also a selection of body balms and butters you can try out, all made using honey from the bees you’ve just worked with.

For those on the full day experience, there will be even more time to work hands-on with the hives after a short break in the early afternoon.

What makes the experience so special?

Beekeeping is a unique experience and something many people would never get to try first hand.

The enthusiasm for bees felt by the More Bees Please team is palpable and contagious. A passion for bees isn’t a prerequisite to the session, but you’re guaranteed to leave with one!

bee keeping experience the bees

You’ll learn an incredible amount about bees and their importance in a short space of time. This will give you a new appreciation for this humble creature.

What makes the experience so special is the amount of time you get to spend working hands on with the bees.

This is far from a session when you simply stand back and watch a guide. Within the first hour you can expect to be working with the hives. You’ll be gaining confidence in handling the bees and equipment safely in no time.

For many people, beekeeping is a once in a lifetime experience. And it is certainly not something any participant will forget in a hurry!

Why is the Yorkshire Beekeeping Experience the perfect Father’s Day gift?

This one-of-a-kind opportunity gives your dad the chance to learn about and directly contribute to the preservation of honey bees. All while having an unforgettable day out!

From getting up close and personal with bees as they work their magic making honey to handling and checking the hives with confidence, this is an experience unlike any other!

Sustainable Gift Experiences

Sustainable gift experiences are becoming increasingly popular as more people embrace eco-friendly practices. These gifts offer something truly special while helping to protect our planet at the same time!

Beekeeping is a great option for sustainable Father’s Day gifts because it promotes conservation and helps protect the natural environment.

bee keeping experience the bees

Pollinators such as bees are responsible for approximately one third of the world’s food production, making them important to our planet’s well-being.

By giving dad a beekeeping experience, you can help him preserve the environment and learn more about these amazing creatures. Plus, he’ll get to enjoy the delicious honey that comes with it!

Give dad an unforgettable Father’s Day gift experience in Yorkshire this year

So, if you’re looking for a truly memorable gift to thank the father figures in your life, this Yorkshire beekeeping gift experience with More Bees Please will make a fantastic unforgettable and sustainable gift.

If you’re looking for more Father’s Day gift inspiration, check out our full range of Father’s Day gift experiences here.