7 fantastic Father’s Day gift experiences in Yorkshire

7 fantastic Father’s Day Yorkshire gift experiences

With father’s day fast approaching, we asked a real dad to pick out which of our experiences he would most like to receive this June. So in no particular order, here goes…

1. For the gentleman drinker: Brewtown brewery tours

The Guardian recently hailed Leeds as “the UK’s craft ale capital”, and York is a city long blessed with independent breweries and quirky bars. Drinking beer was once seen as a nasty habit, an affliction or addiction. Now, thankfully, it’s just a hobby. And what better way to nurture a budding interest in zythology (Google it) than with Brewtown’s guided tours of the region’s finest beer makers?

A great group exercise for a bunch of like-minded dads, it lasts 5 hours and the price includes several pints. Bonus points awarded for including Brass Castle brewery on the Malton tour – the company with the cleverest logo you’ve ever seen (look at it both ways up).

Tours in Leeds and York from £70 per person.

2. For the foodie: Cheesemaking in the Dales

In the words of Annie Lennox: “Sweet dreams are made of cheese / who am I to dis a brie?”. If the dad in your life is a cheese fan then perhaps this experience in the heart of the northern Yorkshire Dales is worth a look.

A full-day experience (and again a great one for a group) to learn about the process and – crucially – participants get to either a) take some cheese back or b) collect some of the cheese they actually made once it has matured. And he can do it in his wellies. Cracking.

Full day course from £99 for 1 person, £150 for 2 people – further discounts for larger groups. Reeth nr Richmond (15 mins off the A1).

3. For the naturalist: Group fossil hunting trip on the Yorkshire Coast

On a recent trip to that London we visited the Natural History Museum and felt our chests swell with pride to see that one of the most spectacular fossilised monsters had plopped out of a cliff near Whitby. Turns out the Yorkshire coast was something of a prehistoric hot spot.

This gift experience gives dad an opportunity to channel his inner Sam Neil and spend some quality family time breaking rocks in the hot sun*. With guidance from an expert palaeontologist, he’s almost guaranteed to go home with the remains of some long-dead creature as a keepsake – so rich in ex-animals are the rocks of Yorkshire. Throw in the spectacular coastal scenery and he’ll have a day to remember.

 Group fossil hunting trip is £160 for a group of up to 6, various locations between Filey and Whitby

*weather not guaranteed

4. For the hungry artist: Dales art experience including 2 course lunch

Is dad harbouring some latent artistic talent? Is he full of untapped creative potential? Could the walls of his home be filled with his prodigious output? Does he like buns, scones and cream?

If the answer to any of the above questions is ‘yes’, then treat the old man to this creative day out under the expert tutelage of artist Katherine Ralph in the heart of the Dales. She’ll introduce a range of techniques including glass painting, lino block relief, ink painting and more. He’ll head home with the fruits of his labour and having enjoyed a home-cooked, locally-sourced two course lunch.

Arty Party experience day £75 per person (min 2 people), nr Leyburn.

5. For the stressed-out: Axe throwing (near Leeds, York and Harrogate)

It’s throwing big axes for an hour. No further explanation required.

£60 for two people at Hazlewood Castle (near the A1/A64 between Leeds and York) or Ripley Castle (between Harrogate and Ripon).

6. For a swell time: Surfing in Scarborough

You can keep Cornwall, Hawaii or Australia: reyt proper surfers catch their waves in the North Sea. Sure, the waves can be browner than they are blue (offshore clay deposits, apparently), but they can be every bit as good as those in more renown locations (don’t believe me? Watch this).

Our friends at Dexter’s Surf School will have dad surfing like a pro in no time. With a few sessions of accredited teaching under his belt he’ll be well on his way to being just like that Keanu Reeves in Point Break or Henry off of Neighbours.

 £65 for a Private one to one Surf Lesson for one person or £100 for a Private Family Surf Lesson.

7. For some gorgeous him-time: pamper experience in Huddersfield

I take issue with the fact that this one isn’t listed under the ‘gift experiences for him’ section. Why should hardworking dads be denied a 25 minute facial followed by a 25 minute back massage? I had a facial recently and I’m not ashamed to say I left feeling FABULOUS.

Why should father not get to experience the beautiful vaulted cellars based on ancient Roman bathhouses? Would the soft lighting, gentle music, calming aromas and relaxing loungers be wasted on him? No! They’re exactly what he needs. This father’s day, your dad needs a Laconium and a Tepidarium more than you realise (or he’ll admit).

Ultimate pampering experience including thermal rooms: £123 for 3 and a half hours.

None of these tickle your fancy? Check out the full list of gift experiences for men here!


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