Escape Room by Post For Kids – The Zoo

An Escape Room in an Envelope for kids!


Suitable for 1 - 2
30 - 40 minutes

What’s the puzzle about?

Ben the zookeeper has found a secret message in one of the animal enclosures. He’s stashed the message in an online vault and needs a highly skilled helper to the reveal it.

Players: 1-2 Age: 7-10 Time: 30-40 minutes

100% recyclable, plastic free and made in the UK.


How it works:

Add the recipient name on the recipient details form.

If you want the puzzle to be sent to the recipient, enter their address in the recipient address field. If you want to hand the puzzle over to them yourself just enter your address in the recipient address field. If you are having the gift sent to yourself, the package will arrive in a brown envelope and inside are two things – a letter (with the recipient’s name on), and a red envelope full of puzzles. Just pop the letter and the card into the red envelope, and then it is perfect to hand over as a gift.

Once you have checked out the puzzle will be sent out in actual post for the recipient to solve. There is a surprise waiting in the online vault in each game!

Escape Room by Post For Kids – The Zoo

Puzzle PostThe Escape Room by Post For Kids – The Zoo game is brought to you by Bobbie and Will, the creators of Sheffield based Puzzle Post. Avid fans of escape rooms, board games, crossword puzzles, quizzes, and receiving post for the couple Puzzle Post was a natural next step.

“We’ve always loved a brain teaser and there really is no better feeling than finally cracking the puzzle that the rest of the room thinks is still impossible. We were struck with the idea of how to personalise the experience, and loved the idea of being able to offer a bespoke ‘reward’ at the end of it. Imagine if you didn’t know what was going to happen at the end (or indeed who you might see!), and for us, this was how Puzzle Post was born.”

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