Full Day Yorkshire Foraging Course in Huddersfield or Northallerton

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Huddersfield or Northallerton
Suitable for 1 - 4 people
10am - 4pm

This full day foraging course is designed to be an in-depth, immersive introduction to foraging focusing on giving you the knowledge and confidence to start and fast-track your foraging journey.

The day begins at 10 AM with a casual and relaxed meet and greet over refreshments.  You then take an approximately two-hour walk (covering one to two miles) around some woodland and grassland, stopping regularly to discuss, gather and/or eat the many edible goodies you find along the way, whether that be plants, fruits, nuts or mushrooms!  What you’ll find depends on the time of year.


The morning session will cover:

  • finding and discussing over 20 species common across the UK that have food, medicinal and/or bushcraft purposes.  You’ll also be tasting some of the things you find!
  • identification skills to safely identify the plants, flowers, fruits and mushrooms you come across.
  • foraging laws and principles to ensure you forage safely and responsibly.
  • information about poisonous species to avoid, and how to forage in a way that will ensure you always stay safe and can forage in a way that is fun and enjoyable.


Foraged lunch:

You’ll then have lunch which will include some foraged goodies and may even include some of what you’ve gathered from the morning!


The afternoon session will cover:

After a delicious taste of the wild, you move on to the afternoon session which includes:

  • practical workshop style session whereby you will forage some wild food and make a snack or preserve for you to take home!
  • foraging for non-food uses, such as medicinal uses, and finding natural plant fibres to make your own natural string or rope!
  • learning about the amazing life and importance of trees from a foraging perspective.
  • the best and right combination of books to use and how to use them.
  • You will aim to finish around 4 PM.


Making foraging fun and safe

Foraging is fun, fascinating and fruitful (literally!) and when done properly, you have nothing to fear.  It’s important to realise however that foraging can be dangerous if you approach it with recklessness and without the respect nature deserves.  Staying safe is easier than you think and when done properly, sticking to the principles James will share with you, foraging is as safe as anything can possibly be, and incredibly rewarding!


Login to nature

The course perhaps obviously has foraging at its heart, but will also immerse you in nature and facilitate a connection to nature that will lead to many physical and mental health benefits.


From James, The Forager Within:

I am a huge believer that people and society would benefit enormously from taking a subtle step towards nature and a simultaneous step back from technology and our digital world.  I am not talking about seismic shifts here – I am not talking about “ditching technology” and going back to living in basic shelters in the woods!  Believe me, I love technology and all the incredible benefits it brings, and I love the amazing modern world we live in with all its creature comforts and luxuries.  I’m taking about small, subtle changes and shifts in our mindsets and the way we live our lives.

With this course you will log off your devices and login to nature, tapping into the multitude of benefits it bestows on your physical health, mental health, wellbeing and happiness.

Full Day Yorkshire Foraging Course in Huddersfield and Northallerton

James Hill - The Forager WithinThe Full Day Yorkshire Foraging Course in Huddersfield and Northallerton is offered by The Forager Within, James Hill.

James has been surrounded by nature from a young age. He grew up on a farm in North Yorkshire and has always loved the countryside, wild food, and the natural world at large. His love of foraging started on nature walks with his parents where they would observe the wildlife, soak up the trees, pick field mushrooms for dinner, blackberries to eat on the go and nettles for soup.

In adulthood James became disconnected from the natural world, eventually going down a dark path that led him to lose everything. When he hit rock bottom in 2015  reconnecting to nature and the countryside through walking, hiking, and foraging helped him to re-build and transform his life, mentally and emotionally.

During lockdown James realised  just how positive foraging and everything else he did that connected him to nature had been for him. It was during this time, when he was fuloughed from his job in the travel industry, that he completed his Foraging Diploma.

I believe that re-connecting with the natural world can have amazingly positive effects on your happiness, confidence and physical and mental health.

James’ introduction to foraging courses are available in Huddersfield, Sheffield and Northallerton.

The experience will take place in a woodland location near Huddersfield or Northallerton. Locations will change with the seasons.

This a full day experience.

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Foraged foods available will depend on the season.
Under 12s go free

Full Day Yorkshire Foraging Course in Huddersfield or Northallerton costs £85 per person.  All refreshments and lunch included.

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